Project Management vs Program Management - Online Project Management

Project management vs program management is a common question with professionals new to the field. While they sound similar there is a vast difference between the two when you break down the nuts and bolts of each profession. Think of project management as being more closely involved with the professionals doing the work and program management being a higher level function of overseeing several projects and comprise the entire program. At the enterprise scale programs are broken down into smaller pieces to help break up the work among teams resulting in a more efficient overall outcome.

When it comes to project management vs program management they typically go hand in hand. While project managers keep constant track of resources vs tasks vs time to gauge future goals, program managers gather information from each project manager and utilize that to streamline processes and help keep the bigger picture balanced.

project management triangleProject management itself is a very broad topic with many different disciplines, each discipline providing a slightly different approach to getting things done. The overall goal of all project management disciplines however is to track progress by delicately balancing budget, time and scope. Another similarity between project management disciplines is the general process or work flow which includes four to five or more milestones which allow a project manager to break the project into milestones and get a good measure of progress during development. These milestones are typically composed of the following:

  • Project Initiation
  • Planning and Design
  • Development and/or Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Closing

These milestones carry a workflow that looks like the following image:

project management milestones

Program management on the other hand takes a birds-eye view over all projects within a program. Typically you will see program managers in medium to large sized companies due to the fact that it takes quite a large project to allow it to be broken down into sub-projects and assigned to teams with a project manager on each team. A project manager leverages his birds-eye view over projects to assist in supporting each project to ensure that the big picture goals are being met.

PlanTasker aims to provide a tool that aids in both project management vs program management. by providing a tool, not only to manage tasks and projects, but to centralize this information so all stake holders can be informed at any moment of the day. At the project management level PlanTasker can be used to track and assign tasks as well as track and report the results of those tasks to gain insight to a projects place in it’s life cycle. - Online Project Management