Project Management System

A Project Management System is a system which allows you to track the progress of a project by tracking tasks and milestones and measuring their results. A project management system can not only keep your project on task but let you know where you are at and how much work you have left and whether or not you’re going to make that deadline or not.


There are literally hundreds of project management systems available ranging from software applications that you install locally on your PC like Microsoft Project to online project management systems where all of your data is stored safely in the cloud.

PlanTasker is the latter version of project management system where all of your data is online and in the cloud. “In the cloud” simply means both the project management system as well as the data for each user account is stored on the internet on a hosting server. At PlanTasker this data is backed up on a regular basis. All together this saves your company application fees, hosting fees, time and money and that’s only for the software. Beyond those savings PlanTasker also provides an award winning project management system that can help your business, or even just your daily life, be that much more organized.

Most project management systems have at least task management, a calendar, and the ability to share that information with others. PlanTasker has much more then that! Not only can you track tasks on a calendar and invite members to a project, you can also share links and files and track the history of your project by accessing the Project Feed on each projects page. - Online Project Management