Project Management Program - Online Project Management

project management program by it’s modern day definition is typically one that is available online or in the cloud. What separates PlanTasker from any other project management program is that it is built for simplicity and ease of use. You can learn to use PlanTasker on the fly while you work without any training. This article will cover some of the more common features of a project management program that you might find online.

Project Management Program – Common Features

These are the most common features you might find in a project management program.

  1. Task Management
  2. Milestone Management
  3. A live calendar for tracking start dates, due dates & reminder dates
  4. File management at both the project & task levels
  5. Link management at both the project & task levels
  6. Ability to share projects & assign tasks to multiple users

Project Management Program – Additional Features

The above listed features are a minimum requirement for most companies to get use out a project management program even at it’s highest level. What sets PlanTasker apart are it’s additional features that give you more control over a project and offer the ability to track individual phases of a project, down to the finest detail. Additional features that other project management programs may or may not have include:

  1. A dashboard for tracking project history
  2. Ability to assign tasks to multiple users
  3. Reporting functionality to run reports against your project data
  4. Task dependencies
  5. Data filters for showing only pertinent information
  6. Google integration with Contacts, Docs, Calendars & Gmail
  7. Single Sign-On with Google Apps
  8. Translation to over 50 languages - Online Project Management